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Blissfull Life

[NEW] Blissfull Talk (Intercom)

[NEW] Blissfull Talk (Intercom)

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Product description

Ever encountered situations whereby you couldn't reach out to your elderly folks or they didn't pick up your calls repeatedly, whether because they were unable to answer the calls, phone ran out of battery or they simply didn't want to answer worrying about scam calls? This is how we think Blissfull Talk could be of great help.

Blissfull Talk is an intercom device that provide 2-way communication using Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology, specially designed to be senior friendly. Through Blissfull Talk you could communicate with your loved one through Blissfull Life app or through normal phone (landline/mobile) without have to subscribe to additional telco service - no additional monthly fee to pay! Blissfull Talk connects to regular home wifi and each device has a virtual number that enables you to call in through your mobile/landline phone without needing the regular PSTN/mobile line or SIM card!

Blissfull Talk has built-in auto-answer feature that will turn on speakerphone and enables family member to communicate, for example, in event of emergency such as a fall and senior is unable to reach out to regular phone. Unlike camera that cannot be placed in private area such as bedroom and toilet, Blissfull Talk in non-intrusive and can be placed anywhere in the house. It is small and lightweight, can be stuck on the wall anywhere in the house with 3M double-sided tapes and with sensitive microphone and loudspeaker, it can pickup even tiny sound from within 3 meter radius.


  • Voice-over-IP technology, no need for telco line and no need SIM card - no recurring fee.

  • Auto-answer speakerphone mode, useful in the event of emergency

  • Lightweight and low-power consumption

  • Sensitive microphone to pick up even tiny noise & loudspeaker (400 - 20000Hz)

  • Compact design for portability and easy installation

  • Maintenance free and minimal setup


Product model TA-TALK-LM2
HS Code 85182100
Usage Indoor
Power source
USB micro (max 2A)
Power consumption ~250 mAh
Humidity 10%-80%
Operating temperature -10-40 degree C
Dimension (mm) 30 x 86 x 90
LED (red, green, blue)
Battery N/A
Net weight
Radio frequency
Bluetooth, 2.4GHz Wifi
Wireless range (open field) 10m

How to use

  1. Connect Blissfull Talk to home Wifi through Blissfull Life app

  2. Once connected, do the basic setup as necessarily through Blissfull Life app such as setting up duration to wait before auto-answer

  3. Call in Blissfull Talk directly through Blissfull Life app or through normal phone line - follow guide on Blissfull Life app or instruction guide on how to do that.

We're Here With You, No Matter Who You Are

Senior living alone

Post-surgery patient

People with disabilities

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