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Support your loved ones to maintain their independence at home, offer you a greater peace of mind knowing your loved ones are being looked after.

A Bit About Blissfull Life

In this fast paced world, many of us need to delegate our daily tasks to manage it all, often we overlooked our parents’ well-being. They are getting in age and although they can do many things by themselves, what happens if they fall ill, how do we know when they are unwell? Or
encounter incident that requires immediate attention?

In Blissfull Life we provide solutions that address these concerns, allowing us to closely monitor the well-being of our elder folks even when we are miles away from them.

What Is Blissfull Life

Blissfull Life is all about making use of power of technology to enable independence and promote inclusiveness of our seniors especially when they are living by themselves. We believe in technology that can help to bring you close to your elder parents even when you are physically miles away.

Technology can be double-edge sword, thus choosing the right technology is the key and here in Blissfull Life, we adopt technology that is non-intrusive, practical, simple to understand and to use, doesn't break your piggy banks and most importantly secure and reliable!

Blissfull Sense Kit

Blissfull Sense is a non-intrusive activity-based sensing system that monitor movement of elder folk at home through activity (motion) sensors placed in different parts of the house.

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