Responder Service by Singapore Red Cross

Singapore Red Cross provides 24x7 responder service for seniors living alone. When unusual patterns are detected or a panic button is activated, the response team will be alerted to check in. Check out HoME+ solution from Singapore Red Cross.

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Home Care Services by Joyous Silver

Joyous Silver provides home care services to seniors in Singapore such as home care monitoring, befriending, meal services, house cleaning and more. Check out Joyous Silver website to find out more.

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Care Management by Managedcare

For seniors living in Malaysia, Managedcare provides care management service as well as other care services such as home care, home nurse, medical escort, home rehabilitation and so on. Check out Managedcare website to find out more.

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High Quality Medical Equipment from

Looking for reliable distributor providing home care equipment for seniors? Check out They import and distribute high-quality medical equipment to hospitals, nursing home, clinics, pharmacies and many more.

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