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Benefits of remote vital signs monitoring for seniors

Do you worry about your parents or grandparents getting sick, but you're not there to take care of them? Do you want to know if their health is okay before you call them, so that you can have an easier time talking to them?

It goes without saying that the elderly are a high-risk group for medical conditions. High blood pressure, for instance, if left untreated, can lead to severe health complications such as stroke, heart failure, and other organ damage. Despite its risks, there are often no symptoms of high blood pressure.
Finding technology that augments the support of the elderly population is essential. As the majority of people in the world will be unable to afford the high quality of care that we all hope to achieve in our aging years, there is a strong onus on the healthcare field to establish ways in decreasing healthcare costs to support those who are most vulnerable.

While technology is making strides in monitoring and treatment solutions, the elder population have some unique challenges when it comes to leveraging these benefits. Let’s look at a few:

Medical devices

There are few devices that the elderly need in order to stay on top of their health and wellbeing, and these are simply not always available from home. Devices such as a blood pressure monitor, an oximeter, a respiration rate monitor, and device for glucose level monitoring in the blood. These are all common items used in a simple check-up for the elderly, but not everyone has access to these at home.


Cost is often prohibitive when come to owning these medical devices. For elderly patients, we’re often talking about chronic conditions, and patients who use multiple devices. Thus most might not have sufficient devices available in their homes.

Lack of expertise

Even for those having the devices at home, not all of them know how to use the devices like blood pressure, cuffs correctly, due to the lack of expertise. This gets even more complicated for senior patients, as they might not be able to do on their own or remember to do so.

Regular medical check-up

While hospitals and clinics have these devices, it isn’t easy for many elderly people to make regular visits to facilities in order to get an understanding of their wellbeing. In addition, this kind of monitoring is only periodic at best and often puts a strain on hard-working medical staff.


How can Blissfull Vitals help?

In Blissfull Life, we try to address some of these challenges faced by our seniors when come to using these medical devices, addressing from cost, usability and reliability angles.

Blissfull Vitals is a service that allows family members or care providers to monitor vital signs of seniors from anywhere, anytime. It's easy to set up, and it will alert you if there are any anomalies in your loved one's vital signs. You can even use it as a way to check in on how they're doing when they're not feeling well! Blissfull Vitals simplifies the measurement process by automatically synchronizing the measurement data, automatic alerting to family members when readings exceed thresholds or if elderly forgets to take reading. Blissfull Vitals works with a range of commonly used medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, oximeters and blood glucose monitors from reputable medical device manufacturers.

This service helps older adults and their families identify any problems early so they can get help before things get worse. Drop us an email at or talk or Whatsapp us at +6591476056 to find out more!

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