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Blissfull Life

Blissfull Tittle Plus

Blissfull Tittle Plus

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What is Blissfull Tittle Plus

Blissfull Tittle Plus comes with a wearable panic button and a wall-mount panic button. These panic buttons allow the elderly person to seek for help at the touch of a button in emergency situations, such as when they feel unwell, fall or injured themselves. The wearable panic button can be worn at all times and with average battery lifespan of one-year, these flexibility factors make panic-button devices more helpful than cell phones when emergencies occur. Often in emergency situation where airway constricts, or one loses consciousness, calling emergency number or family member won’t lie within the realm of possibility, thus a panic button offers peace of mind to both you and your elder folks life living alone.

The additional wall-mount panic button can be easily fixed onto wall in area such as bathroom (dry area) or bedroom allowing senior to easily reach out for help during emergency when wearable panic button is not within reach (e.g. when taking shower, sleeping).

Get Ready Before An Emergency Strikes

Just at the push of panic button, your loved ones can send distress signals and receive round-the-clock emergency help, keeping them a cool head during emergencies.

  • Activate Panic Alert

    Senior activate panic button in one touch during emergency situation.

  • Get Notified Instantly

    Family or caregivers will receive alert notification instantly.

  • Respond Swiftly

    Instant response to medical attention from professionally trained responders.

  • Connect Multiple Users

    You can invite up to 4 family members to monitor your loved ones, and get them instantly
    notified in case of emergencies.

  • Hassle-Free Maintenance

    Long-lasting battery with low battery indication and in-app notification without worrying about the battery running out.

  • Call Line Support

    Optional 24/7 helpline and assistance, no matter when you need our services, we’re right here at your beckon call.

  • Mini Gateway x 1

  • Panic Button x 1

  • Wall-mount Panic Button x 1

We're Here With You, No Matter Who You Are

Senior living alone

Post-surgery patient

People with disabilities